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RedDOT auction

We are private, family owned website store with one goal in mind. To promote an auction site so everyone can enjoy the trading community without breaking a bank, or your wallet. By setting the fees LOW and making number of listing upgrades such as highlight, category page feature which most giants charge you extra for, as FREE of charge, and by removing unnecessary charge such as charging listing fees, relisting fees, and final value fees on an UN-SOLD items, which is just like throwing out the money that the seller doesn't have to.

We just opened on November 1st, which is about 4 or 5 days ago, so we are currently still building up the site and making corrections where it needs to be, but the site is complete so you can come right in and enjoy your stay.

Should you have any Questions, Comments, or feedbacks, feel free to contact us by clicking on 'contact us' or by direct e-mail at:


Thank You.