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We have just opened about 5 days ago...

This site is meant to be your additional/alternate selling/buying marketplace aside from your E-bay, E-bid, Etsy or whatever that you are using, WITHOUT the hefty fees... You sell your items, pay less for seller fees, and pocket more profit... If you are a buyer, there bound to be something that might interest you. Though we are just starting, so you won't find much yet, but it will grow once we get more visitors and members.

There IS however, non-refundable sign up fee of $4.50, but it is only that we do not want any fake accounts or bots from signing up and create problems. So, please understand. It is only for the added security. You DO get an advantage that you don't get from other auction sites, such as FREE Catagory Page feature, FREE Highlighted Items, and FREE store for up to 1,000 items. Also, you can even IMPORT all your E-bay listings right on the fly... As an added bonus, if you are the seller who lists the item for an auction type item, once you get a bid placed, it will automatically extend another day so more buyers and have the chance to take a shot at it, which is good for buyer so more people can get the chance to get his/her items, and good for sellers since they can profit a bit more.

Also, you only pay the initial 1.65% final value fee for up to $10,000 item, ONLY if the item sells, so you save over any of the giants who charges you more.

You can have up to 13 images for Free before you pay for the 14th items, and possibilities are unlimited.

So, give us a try and let the trading begin...

Thank You.